training / process analysis / optimization

Security is paramount when dealing with magnesium. Therefore, we are pleased to provide training for your employees on the proper handling of liquid magnesium, the correct cleaning and maintenance of equipment. We are also happy to develop training materials, cleaning instructions, or maintenance protocols tailored specifically to your needs.

Furthermore, we can assist you with process optimizations and process analyses. As external experts and specialists in the field of magnesium, we often see things from a different perspective and can help you with problems in a short amount of time.
Wir als Firmen externe Personen und Spezialisten im Bereich Magnesium sehen Dinge aus einem anderen Blickwinkel und können Ihnen daher oft innerhalb kürzester Zeit bei Problem helfen.

If, despite adhering to safety measures, a workplace accident has occurred, we will assist you in investigating the causes and support you in developing the necessary countermeasures to prevent such incidents from happening again!